Kathleen Donohoe<br/><span class='designation'>Founder & Director of  Leading Thinking International Australia</span><br/>

Kathleen Donohoe
Founder & Director of Leading Thinking International Australia

Engaging learners in the workplace

We generally neglect to identify or appreciate our workplaces as learning spaces.

Hence, we are missing a valuable opportunity to support lifelong learning, and in fact to attract some of the best and brightest during recruitment. 40% of fresh graduates citied learning opportunities as a priority in their employment search, following benefits and work-life balance. If your organisation doesn’t provide and demonstrate the value of learning opportunities in your workplace, you could be missing out on 40% of applicants – from the graduate level alone.

Cedefop (2018) reported that “Most continuing learning takes place informally in workplaces. Employer- provided training has a greater marginal effect on workers’ continuing skill development”

To realise the opportunity of “Learning Based Workplaces” we need to reimagine workplaces and workspaces as learning spaces. The affordances of these spaces, along with a rethink on continuous development in the workplace will ensure engaging learning experiences, reflect best practice to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Kathleen will speak to the opportunities for engaging employees and leaders, as learners through realisation of the affordances of the physical, virtual and social elements of learning.

 The role of digital

 The affordances of digital ecosystems – not just an LMS!

 The role of crowd sourcing, cocreation and collaboration

 Learning modes

 Choice in learning and how we engage with learning

 Diagnostic assessment, formal and informal

 Frameworks for evaluating engagement

 Frameworks for evaluating the value of learning experiences

 Embracing pedagogical best practice from the education sector  Understanding the balance between skills, capabilities and knowledge

 The role of micro credentialing

With an understanding of these key elements across learning in your organisation, from requirements, planning, to learning experience, assessment and evaluation, you can provide valuable engaging learning experiences that will ensure validity, reliability and engagement in learning.

CEDEFOP (2018) Insights into skill shortages and skill mismatch. Learning from Cedefop’s European skills and jobs survey. Cedefop Reference series 106. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2018

Speaker Biography

Kathleen Donohoe has held a number of senior positions within NSW, Ireland and the United Kingdom across K-12, Tertiary and Vocational education. She is the Founder and Director of Leading Thinking International, building on her experience as Director, Futures Learning at NSW Department of Education.

Her career in education began as a secondary teacher with subsequent appointments including curriculum and assessment development, academic and executive roles. She has worked for organisations including the European Union, UNESCO and the University of Sydney.

In her current role, Kathleen works with school, universities, jurisdictional bodies and industry in thought leadership, professional development, developing and implementing strategy across physical, virtual and social space – informing design, transition, effective use and evaluation and building partnerships between industry and education. 

Kathleen has a strong commitment to research and evidence based approaches to emerging learning and teaching practices. Throughout Kathleen’s career she has maintained a focus on the importance of building the professional knowledge and practice of educators. She continually leads the improvement in quality teaching to inspire learning, innovation and engagement to meet current and emerging needs.