Emma Seibuhr<br/><span class='designation'>National training Manager of Fortress Learning Australia</span><br/>

Emma Seibuhr
National training Manager of Fortress Learning Australia

Maintaining learner engagement through RPL

How a Trainer/Assessor's understanding of both Industry and Training Packages, help to create a valid and flexible RPL Process.

This presentation explores ways to better engage our candidates through the Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment process.

We will discuss why it’s important to anchor the process within the criteria of the Unit of Competency being assessed, while pivoting in response to candidate needs to address the Dimensions of Competency and incorporate contextualisation.

Assessor expertise in both the industry area and TVET will be considered in terms of its role in connecting the often disparate dots between a generic Industry based Unit of Competency and their candidates' specific Industry experience; enabling development and appropriate use of relevant and engaging RPL Assessment Tools that are both valid and portable.

The session will conclude with a discussion and examples of how we can not only guide our learners through the RPL process with a flexible, tailored and individualised assessment approach but also engage them in a learning process along the way.


Speaker Biography

As the National Training Manager at Fortress Learning RTO, Emma enjoys the challenges that this multi - faceted role brings to each working day.

From maintaining and managing compliance across the organisation through the Compliance Framework , to managing a team of dedicated and expert Trainers and Assessors, Emma always strives to turn each communication into a model for teaching others.

She is a member of the Queensland ITECA committee and is dedicated to ensuring the student journey is an enriching and rewarding experience for all of her students.