Izzet Cosgun<br/><span class='designation'>CEO of Expert Vision France</span>

Izzet Cosgun
CEO of Expert Vision France

Vocational Education – A Vehicle for Youth Development and Empowerment

Over the past few decades there has been an increasing growth in automation in most developed and developing countries around the world, and a growing population of unemployed or unemployable people across these countries.

While governments and other agencies intensify efforts aimed at reducing the negative consequences on society other priorities tend to shift governments’ attention away from their country- specific goals.

There is therefore the urgent need to close the skills-gap created by these technological advances, and support efforts to train and empower those most impacted. Expert Vision’s endeavour is thus focused on providing the needed know-how to persons who meet the defined selection criteria.

Speaker Biography

Izzet COSGUN is currently the Head of Cooperation and International Projects Division at Centre Scolaire de Notre Dame in Nevers, France. Izzet is very passionate about the advancement of the less-privileged in society and helps in developing youths through vocational training.

I work with my clients which includes PEUGEOT (France, Nigeria, Turkey) , RENAULT, CITROËN (France, Spain, Peru, Poland), the French Ministry of Education, etc. to develop training modules and help my students to become masters of their trade by using time-tested Pedagogical methods.

I am the CEO of “Expert Vision”, a consultancy firm based in Paris, France. My hobbies include reading, travelling, and history.