Dr. Tulio Barrios Bulling<br/><span class='designation'>academic researcher at Universidad SEK (USEK) in Santiago de Chile </span>

Dr. Tulio Barrios Bulling
academic researcher at Universidad SEK (USEK) in Santiago de Chile

Key elements of a competency-based assessment

The presentation aims to reflect on the main aspects a competency-based assessment should include. At the same, it intends to analyse some functional competency definitions looking for common ground and differentiating elements. Additionally, the presentation attempts to highlight the most demanded competencies in literature and to identify the main challenges a competency-based assessment has to face.

Firstly, the presentation reviews a series of definitions in search of consensus since a shared understanding of competency is essential for developing a common language and conceptual precision. Then, it explores the elements that make up a competency and that include personality structure, knowledge and cognitive skills, cross skills, attitudes, and values. After referring to existing types of competencies, the presentation focuses on the most demanded competencies by the labour market. Critical thinking, team-work, and communication are often referred to as key competencies.

Finally, the presentation addresses the main advantages of assessing competencies and the main aspects one has to consider when doing so. Among them, the author identifies assessment coherence, assessment technique and object alignment, and students’ involvement in the assessment process.


Speaker Biography

Dr. Tulio Barrios Bulling is a pedagogue, consultant, educational researcher, and administrator. During his professional career, he has held different positions, Headmaster at Colegio Instituto Inglés de Rancagua, Deputy Director at Colegio Cumbres, and Professor at Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello. Currently, he is a full-time academic researcher at Universidad SEK (USEK) in Santiago de Chile and an active member of USEK Doctorate and Teaching committees. His many interests include teachers' leadership and performance assessment, skills and competencies development, quality standards, and educational management. He has presented in several international conferences and is constantly publishing in recognised academic journals.