Steven Hodge<br/><span class='designation'>Senior Lecturer at Griffith University Australia</span>

Steven Hodge
Senior Lecturer at Griffith University Australia

Complex work and competency-based training: exploring the limits of a training system

Competency-based training and assessment offers a compehensive approach to workforce development needs. However, the growing complexity of modern work is starting to reveal limitations to the competency approach. These limitations are explored with a view to clarifying challenges for the next generation of workforce development systems.

Speaker Biography

Steven Hodge is a vocational education researcher at Griffith University, Australia. His focus is the representation of work for the purposes of training and assessment. Steven’s investigations have led him to investigate the assumptions of competency-based education and training (CBE/T). Recent work with aviation industry colleagues has resulted in two books, Competency-based Education in Aviation and Engaging the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals.