Marc Ratcliffe<br/><span class='designation'>CEO of MRWED Australia</span>

Marc Ratcliffe
CEO of MRWED Australia

Putting L.I.F.E. into your e-learning

In this dynamic session, the presenter will share a variety of e-learning principles and practices, aimed at helping you to breathe life back into your e-learning. Centred around the acronym L.I.F.E., the session will:

• Explore methods to engage (L)earning, acknowledging that e-learning is different from classroom learning and requires its own approaches to build learner confidence, create participation and generate fun;

• Highlight key (I)nstructional Design principles and pitfalls to consider when designing an e-learning pathway;

• Discuss how to integrate (F)eedback touch points to create relevant and meaningful exchanges that ultimately create critical opportunities to support, guide and encourage e-learners; and

• Identify useful methods of (E)valuation, to ensure that there are mechanisms in place to truly check how things are going, and to create a conduit for growth and improvement.

Speaker Biography

Marc is a multi-award-winning trainer, author and education entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of MRWED Training and Assessment and has been involved in the VET Sector for more than 25 years. Marc is a strong advocate for "edu-tainment" and believes that learner involvement and fun are integral to student success.

He continues to be an in-demand conference speaker and workshop facilitator, having presented at more than 50 conferences in a dozen countries in the past decade. He has also presented training-related workshops internationally in the UK, North America, Africa and Asia and is one of only two people in Australia certified to deliver Bob Pike’s Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp, the world’s most respected train-the-trainer program.